Library of Flowers

Follow Salon Zinnia through the Library of Flowers. This incredible line of artful perfumes are waiting to be released upon any happy whim!


Hyatt Moore

Long an occasional painter, began in earnest in 1996, first focusing on international peoples, then to full time occupation in 2004, with an ever-broadening array of subjects and approaches.

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Lonnie's English Toffee

The art of hand crafted candies demands a constant influx of fresh culinary ideas mixed with gourmet experience to keep the most demanding customers satisfied. 


Let LONNIE'S ENGLISH TOFFEE be your partner for your special gifts for your guests.


We can satisfy your gourmet demands and really are pleased to serve you!


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Anne Moore, Printmaker

Each of the prints represented here is an original piece of art, created by heart and hand, and the use of a press. The linocuts are made from hand-cut linoleum blocks and reproduced in limited editions. The monotypes are one-of-a-kind (thus "mono"), built up from layers of imaginative forms on inked plates. Each is unique to itself. Printmaking, a delicate art from a heavy press, who'd have thought?

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Ron Azevedo Photography

Ron Azevedo is a self-taught photographer from San Clemente, California who fell in love with the medium at a very early age.He is fascinated by light and how it changes the way something looks and the mood it reflects. When light, subject & composition are persuaded into coherency….then the ordinary briefly become extraordinary. Photography is merely his tool….like a paint brush…that captures that light which manipulates the form into an aesthetically pleasing work of art.


Feel free to browse through Ron’s website regarding pricing, sizing & printing mediums to best suit your individual needs. Click on the image to link to his site.

Chantal deFelice Adornments

Hurry in to see the beautiful display of unique ear adornments! Conversation pieces of delicate illustrations transformed into handmade earrings.


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The Paint Shop with Drew Brophy

Dispelling the stereotype of what an artist really does, THE PAINT SHOP WITH DREW BROPHY TV series reveals the process of painting, designing and creating that is required of a surf lifestyle artist.

The show takes place in Drew Brophy’s art studio in San Clemente, California, as well as on Drew’s road trips, and incorporates real life interactions between the artist, his business partner wife, Maria, and their clients.

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Training Camp Hot Yoga

The benefits of hot yoga are endless. Yoga works on many different levels, both physical and psychological; and the deeper, lasting benefits are more noticeable over time and a regular practice. But even just one hot yoga session will leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and renewed; and will fill you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

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